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cfl gear from us based (web) stores?


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the cfl has some sharp retro gear that id like to get, but shipping to the us is ridiculously high (18-25 cad) . ive looked at the official cfl shop as well as the team store.

rivercitysports has some gear, but not exactly what im looking for. plus their shipping is rather high as well.

anyone know of any other places?

actually, this extends to other canadian leagues as well (like the OHL or QMJHL). anyone know of any stores that has this stuff also?


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Can't give you any help there, just wanted to comment on the shipping part.

I hate it. Plain and simple. Shipping back and forth between Canada and the US is RIDICULOUS.

I can handle paying border duties. I don't love it, but I live with it. But the shipping part itself should be purely based on distance when you're not even crossing water or anything like that.

It's not fair for shipping from, say, California to Alberta, to be $20 when shipping from California to New York is $10.

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