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Embroidered Imaging - Requests?


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Does anybody here actually produce real embroidery/patches for companies?


Is there any big money to be made in that industry?

Not really ^_^ Of course it depends on what area.

In industrial embroidery, outsourcing makes it hard to compete.

Commercial embroidery deals with smaller quantities, i.e uniforms, and requires a short turnaroud time which makes it impossible to outsource.

I assume a well equiped local shop could make good money in a mid-size city. I even know people who earn extra money running a single-head machine in their garage .

What would you say is the average cost per patch?

If screenprinting depends on the number of colors, embroidery pricing is based on surface. After you pay for digitizing, what Patchez does, the main cost will be the quantity of thread you use, and the time you take (both man and machine) to sew the design. When sewing patches you don't have all the garment placement and adjustment to do so you save a lot of time. Again, it all depends on volume and quantity of thread, but I'd say the designs from this topic, 3"x3"... hmmm .... maybe less than a dollar.

Wow, that?s great, thanks for the information. I?m a little surprised the number of different colored threads doesn?t incorporate into the price though.

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Here are a few logos that I did up. The Bobcats and LSU one's are not mine I just re-created them.

Folks, please re-read my original post...

I need vectors (AI, EPS, SVG, CorelDraw) in order to do this type of digitizing for embroidery.

My email address is also on that post.

If you do not have vectors, I may consider converting a bitmap, based on if I want to see that design "embroidered" or not.

If you want to see an existing logo for an existing team, perhaps do an image search on the net.

But for your own custom designs... this is the place to see them come alive in 3D (well, at least in stitches!)


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