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Giants 'new' home jerseys


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I've seen the Giants and Panthers in HD now and those jerseys are awful. The only positive thing is the toned-down Reebok logo, which I guess is the next best thing to having the damn thing off altogether. But those new jerseys look like something the Little Giants would be wearing. It's weird...they almost look homemade, or like they came from Joe's Sports down in the strip mall. :blink:

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The Reebok logo didn't seemed toned-down on the Cardinals' jerseys.


I was talking specifically about the Giants. Anyway, is that really the same jersey? If so, why isn't the NFL Equipment logo below the collar as it is on the Giants' jerseys?

If there's a Reebok logo anywhere that urgently needs to be toned down, it's this one. I'm not even a Seahawks fan and those sleeves drive me up the wall. Why even bother putting the team logo on it? It's waaay too small even without that POS Reebok crap on there.


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Yep, that's the Cardinals' version of the new jersey. Note the lack of mesh, compared with the version Kurt Warner wore in the same preseason game:


As for the Giants lowering the NFL logo, that seems to have been their choice. The Cardinals made it work with their uniform template.

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I'm still curious as to whether the new jerseys are going to be for sale this season or not?

Seems odd that the NFL/Reebok would let something, even small, like no red triangle, be on a jersey when it isn't supposed to be.

Waiting for the regular season maybe?

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I'd doubt it.

This is a trial run for the new jerseys. They may or may not last, based on how they perform.

Next year, maybe.

Ah ok. Thanks for the information.

I was curious as to the status.

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