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I actually don't know how I'm going to print them, so I am open to suggestions. Most likely Matte with a raised ink on the front perhaps? I know with glossy you can get the issue of fingerprints.

Thanks for everyones help, and as a token of appreciation I give you some renderings from my latest project. All the drawings are done, just need to get the model by Tuesday at midnight. I'm sure I can do it.




This one is a project for redoing the facade of an existing building on campus. The existing building is basically a Cold War bunker (its a science building built in the 60's). Anyway the whole concept of the design is the control and use of light in various manners, and an exploration on the way that said control of light can alter the experience within a certain space. Its very phenomenological in a sense, and came about through a series of empirical trials through use of a light filtering device.


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