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Past Present Future Sigs


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I'll say it before anyone else does-- COPPERPLATE

maybe blend the pictures some instead of just laying them on top of each other?

Cool idea, but yeah, the execution and creativity just isn't there. Putting three images side by side, screening back a logo overtop, easy, boom, done.

Figure out a way to work the three players into one cohesive image, do something a little more interesting than just a rectangle of three images, and I think you'll have a pretty cool sig idea.

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the new york knicks one was sweet and it made me laugh a bit. Here is my request:

Past: Larry Walker

Present: Todd Helton

Future: World Series Title

idk just a thought

I'd go Walker, Helton, Tulowitzki, but that's just me. I can be a bit superstitious :P .

As for the concept, I agree that there's a lot of potential here to make a really cool sig. Right now, though, there's not a lot going on. Either find a way to get all three into one picture or at the very least do something with the shape. An oval might work well. Also, that dude on the far right of the Yankees set is super thin - make sure you're scaling the images proportionally (and cropping, if need be).

I'll say it before anyone else does-- COPPERPLATE

Beat me to it :P .

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