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Semi-Annual Inaugural "Nats with Glasses" Celebration

Ben Schwartz

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We're late into the summer months, fall is nearing, as the baseball season dwindles, so does our vision. Of the playoffs, the future, and the ball (STRIKKKKEEE THHHHHAAAAAREEEE).

So, welcome to the Semi-Annual Inaugural "Nats with Glasses" celebrations where today's Nats wear.....eyeglasses!

This edition's line-up includes:

Ryan "Girls are Stoopid" Zimmerman


Adam "Can't get the gum out of my hair!" Dunn


John "When's the Pokemon tournament?" Lannan


Nyjer "I collect worms and sometimes eat them" Morgan


Willie "If someone doesn't take these darn glasses off me I'll eat all of Nyjer's worms and make him sad" Harris


Thanks for everyone who showed up, make sure to take your party bag on the way out, lots of goodies in there. Even a Weird Al mix tape in there from his early years when he wasn't weird! Just like, a normal guy. Never really aspired to parody popular music but actually had a vision of a standard musical career. When his material wasn't well received, he got weird. But this is before that!

Drive safe! Don't let the bed cars bite!

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