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Indiana Hoosiers soccer jersey


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While Indiana has pretty terrible football and basketball teams, their soccer team is consistently one of the best in both their conference and the nation. As a new IU student, I plan on going to as many soccer games as I can (hey, they're free!). Unfortunately their uniforms are kind of... well, BLAND, I guess. So since I really have nothing better to do today, I decided to create a kit that I'd rather see them wear instead of what they have right now.


Turns into...


A couple of notes: Yes, I know, NCAA soccer teams don't have ads on their jerseys. However, I couldn't find a clean current IU wordmark, and also I wanted the shirt to have a slightly local connection. Why is Subway local to Bloomington? Jared, the customer who lost an incredible amount of weight by eating Subway, was a student at IU and went to one of the Subways here! The shirt is inspired by Arsenal's white sleeves kits. However, the sleeves are cream instead of white. I chose to do this not only to separate the jersey from Arsenal's, but also to separate Indiana from Wisconsin. I like the cream/crimson combination more than a traditional red/white combo, and I feel that it's important that Indiana has its own separate color identity.

As always, C&C is appreciated.

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Nice job, but I think you may be missing a golden opportuntity to pull one of the more popular features of the IU identity...the stripes! And I don't mean in groups of 3!


Could spur something along these lines:


Pair it up with these:


...you'll have a winner!

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