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NCAA Identity Project


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OK, I realize I said that I would have it up later, but I thought of a different way to do this, and I'm posting it now. The first set won't be up until later though.

So, here's how it works. There's been many threads around here that focus on NCAA football, or basketball, which mostly focus on the jerseys. I am more of a logo person myself, and don't usually find myself viewing those threads a lot (although they have some great work in them.) I thought it would be interesting (and challenging) to redesign the logo identities of the Schools, instead of focusing on the uni's. I thought about tackling all of the schools, but frankly, it would be pretty hard, never get finished, and I don't think I'm good enough and have the time to do that. So I thought I would let you guys decide the 39 worst identities, or ones you think are in need of a change. I say 39, because I am picking one for myself, to make the whole project at 40. The reason I am taking on a little more than other redesign projects-all main leagues usually have 30-32- is because I would rather focus more on logos, which for me are easier to take c and c on and try and improve. If at all possible, I'd like it if you guys didn't pick a whole bunch of schools with the same name, as I know many are named after the same things, and it would be near impossible to design, say, 6 different wildcats, or tigers, or something. I will just let you guys post your opinions, and will let you know which team I myself selected to go first. To see a list of schools, you could check out sportslogos.net, or go to the link below.

Hopefully people don't think this is to ridiculous, or in any way obnoxious or arrogant on my part, and it would be great to see people speak their minds. Thanks a lot.


List Of Schools


I'm using this thread as the one to post on. Still can't believer I double posted :down: . Anyways, the team I have picked is the Elon Phoenix. My reasoning behind this is not because their logo is bad, but it is one of the logos that has always bugged me. So, post away.

EDIT again ****

OK, scratch that. I should've looked closer, because I found a logo with no real foundation at all, hence no real identity. So, instead, I am going to start with the Portland Pilots.

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OK, here is the first team, the University Of Portland Pilots.




OK, so for the primary I went with something a little different. Because it's really the first time I've done something like it, it needs a little work. The pilots name means riverboat pilot, not Airplane. I looked at pictures of riverboat captains, and found a couple to start with. I am fairly pleased with the final product, and can't wait to hear what you have to say. For the secondary and alternate, I used an anchor, with UP for University Of Portland, and used a UP for the alternate. The two tone part to it is supposed to look like a wave, as it is based around the river. Thanks for viewing, and can't wait to hear your c and c.

By the way, the new boards look great!


Here is the close to final version, depending on C and C.




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i request the colorado state rams. they are definitely in need of an update. their current logo is so boring.

EDIT - sorry double post, my bad.

i can use my mistake to comment on your first logo. i think everything about it is great. i like your color scheme.

but i think you may want to add the team name into the primary, because i dont think "portland pilots" right when i look at this.

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I think that it has potential, but the set needs alot more work. For starters, there seems to be hardly any definition in the captain's body. I'd highlight the torso and his left arm for starters. Looks kind of blob-ish.

After that, I would work on stuff like adding scripts. Maybe look for a distinguishing font rather than the one you used here (arial, maybe).

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Being a practicing Catholic, I tend to root for the Catholic schools to do well in NCAA (why I claim Marquette as my favorite team there). Since the U of P is one, I like where you're heading with this!

However, the abstract sailor looks kinda empty. If you could put "Portland" or "Pilots" in the middle, I'd REALLY enjoy that!

Looking forward to seeing where the rest of this series goes!

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OK, so I have updated the University Of Portland Pilots, with a few changes.

-Tried adding a wordmark to the primary, but couldn't get anything to work there, so I put the UP mark in the wheel

-Gave his suit more definition

-Added a wordmark

So, here is #2, the Colorado State Rams. I tried to create a fierce looking ram with this one, but keep it fairly simple. The secondary is just a slightly modified CSU mark. I will have the wordmark up later, but I'm having some issues with it. So enjoy, and feel to comment on both of the concepts, and keep requesting.




Update the ram head. Better, Worse?

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I've got a few issues with the Colorado State set. First, I may be wrong about this, but it seems like your gold color is off: it looks much more like copper to me, and it seems too dark, which is making things muddy. Secondly, that CSU secondary mark is WAY too generic. Simple is one thing, but change the colors and that could be Charleston Southern, or Cleveland State, or whatever. It will be better once you have a full wordmark to start from, but right now that logo has no association except color.

Finally, you need to take another look at the Ram's horns. Yours end too soon and end too straightly; they need to spiral back in more, like this:


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