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anyone else notice the new NFL game center? i personally do not like this at all. they having totally revamped game center. it is way too over the top for my tastes. also, the field is a shade of ugly green, why?

check it out at nfl.com. what does everyone else think?

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They've added some good features and a lot of stats. Too complicated? Take some time to look through the different tabs. I think it's organized pretty well and has a ton of info. You can even access/download the official NFL game summary. Along with every stat, it lists everything you'd ever want to know: venue, surface, weather, officials, team lineups and substitutions, etc. and so on. There's one link to it just below the field on the main page and another on the Analyze tab.

My criticisms are:

- the whole fan rating thing is pretty silly as is the 'discuss' forum.

- the navigation to look back through the drive charts isn't intuitive (< and > arrows on the status banner) and it's a little clunky to use. If there's a quick shortcut to the drives by quarter or whatever I haven't found it yet.

But nothing's perfect I guess.

My only concern with the layout itself is that in side view, the clock/status banner is pretty low over the field. Somebody might hit it with a punt. :P

As for the shade of green on the field...can't help you there. B)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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