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Providence Waterfires


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I've finally had the time to create an identity for my NABL team. Basically it will go into effect next season.


I'd like some C&C on this before I go ahead and make the uniforms.

Couple of things I'd do, first off I'd spend a bit more tim smoothing out the curves in the fire part of the logo. You have some real sharp angles in there and it's spoiling the flow of the flames. You need really smooth shapes for fire and water and right now your water is ok (underside of the light blue could be ever so slightly smoother) but the fire still needs work. Second thing I'd look at are the line widths on the logotype, right now they seem way to thin and would almost disappear if the logotype was reduced much smaller than you have it right now and secondly I'd either add the second white outline to both parts or remove it from Providence.


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Quick update

-Fixed the bumpy flame.

-Made the outline on the logotype thicker.

-Got rid of the white outline on Providence (was there by mistake anyway)


Any more C&C would be greatly appreciated! I'll probably get started on the uniforms soon.

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