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Draw Brawl Challenge Two entry


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All right, I just was hoping to get some feedback from everyone on my Draw Brawl Challenge Two entry. Based on the votes, it seems like people either loved it or hated it, so I'd like to hear what everyone loved or hated about it.

My own thoughts: I know the players on the ticket are kind of weak, but I wanted the sun in the logo in the middle to mirror the Argentinian flag, and that's the best idea I had to fill the space above. The powder blue and yellows were no-brainers, again from the flag, and the dark blue came from the traditional away jerseys of Argentinian soccer and rugby teams. The secondary was deliberately done kind of like a soccer crest, partially because I know I can do that style well, and partially as a nod to the soccer madness of the country. I was thinking about doing custom scripts, but went with a font in the end because of all the letterforms I would have to make for the Spanish version. If I had to do it over again, I might pick a different font, but I hadn't used this particular one before, and I thought it fit nicely.

Enough of my blathering; here it is:



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To be honest, my gripe with your concept was that the NBA logo was too small in the identity. I think it would need to be larger in order to be used. I love your secondary mark and tertiary mark but the elements didn't flow together in the primary mark. It just seemed like a sun/basketball behind a randomly rounded outline of a wordmark. I think if you found a better way to integrate everything, it would have come out dynamite. Great work though, I really love the colors and as I said, the 2ndary and tertiary are great.

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I don't hate it... but...

I tire of the NBA AS logos being centered. I prefer your asymmetrical wordmark.

I don't think a Spanish version of the logo would be necessary. Particularly as applied to usage on merchandise sold (although not a design issue)

I would prefer the sun rays to match that of the Argentinean flag's sun.

Color are great!

Ticket is clipartish a bit, dot matrix readable at bar code is too low tech, even for South America.

Ticket size too small and I would think a 4/C process image would be applied to the design of an All-Star Game ticket.

Having said all that, I got ZERO votes on my design, so there!


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