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Social Club Designs


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I am designing some graphics for 2 social clubs (like fraternities and sororities but coed) at Freed-Hardeman University, and I would like a little C&C before I send them to their respective clients.

This first one is for my club, Chi Beta Chi (XBX), for use on our intramural sports shirts. Our mascot is the Eagles, so I tried to convey that without putting a literal eagle in the graphic.


After uploading this on Photobucket, I noticed that the width of my gold outline needs to be tweaked a little, especially around the X's.

This second one is for Gamma Tau Omega for use on their new website. This graphic is based on an old graphic that needed some cleaning up. This graphic will straddle two navbars at the top of the page, hence the blue and green boxes that it sits on here.


Of course, this will be downsized for the site.


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Thanks for the kind words thus far. As far as the GTO graphic is concerned, my logo is just a take on an overcomplicated graphic that they had been using. GTO's webmaster liked what I've shown you guys, so I think I'm done with it.

Here's a quick XBX update. I believe I've addressed all of your critiques.


¿Mas "C y C," por favor?

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Still need to clean up your lines I think. It isn't as noticeable near the top or in the individual letters (although it is present), but it is pretty noticeable how uneven and rough the curves are between the outline of the letters and the banner are.

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