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My First Concept Post. Tennessee Tornados

Nick 1733

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Here is my first post of one of my concepts, and it directly relates to my football league that I want logos for all 32 teams. I'm very good at designing logos when I draw them by hand, but I have trouble converting them.

Here is the drawing of the Tornados, if someone would like to convert it for me, give me feedback and tips on how to improve it, then please all will be accepted. I have the colors decided, they are: Navy Blue, Silver, Black, White & Kelly Green.


I will post the version i colored w/ pencils later.

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Alrighty, here is what needs to be done to this one; The overall design and the top are just fine, the inner part of the bottom needs to be "revamped" to look like horizontal movement. Other than that its good so far. Again all help would be greatly appriciated.

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