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New Rugby uniforms


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Two new international rugby union shirts have been released recently. I decided it was time for CCSLC to embrace the game!!!

England have changed from this abomination


To a more traditional, plainer look


And the Ireland team have swtiched from Canterbury


To puma


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Thank goodness teams are moving away from that Canterbury disaster.

I wanted to buy an Aussie one to take away and refuse to if it looks like that.

(well, a Gold version of it)

I don't know about the Poms though, there's just something aboutall White that says 'surrender'.

However, at least it's better than the apparent accident that they have been wearing.

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I realize most people see that England kit as an abomination, but I actually kinda liked it.

For a rugby uniform, it's really not that over the top.

I should perhaps explain that Rugby Union, in most places, is a very middle class game and that a uniform that doesn't look like this 1927.jpg

is just too much progress for many. That last England shirt was widely derided by most England rugby fans. Interestingly one of the greatest problems was the lack of navy blue socks.

This shirt, from 1991 was a step too far for many rugby fans


simply because the shirt was not plain white.

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im not sure about the new socks. the white ones on the last kit looked strange. im of the opinion that if you wear white socks, you have to wear white boots.

i dont mind the david strettle look here:


but the last unis i liked were the 7s/junior kits:


and i didnt really mind this look either.


thats interesting about canterbury. from what i understand ccc in europe and africa was on the brink of going bust. likely thanks to the springbok, wallaby, scotland and ireland abominations

that nobody bought.

everybody knows there is only one colour for a rugby kit:


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They have not released the new home kit yet, but Scotland appear to be wearing Canterbury still. I think this is probably Ireland moving on naturally to a new supplier and puma wanting to get a higher profile in Rugby.

I think canterbury's problems were more to do with its attempts to get into Soccer. Tends to be a market the sportswear companies see as the holy grail, but its soooo difficult to break into succesfully. To make good money in that market you need some big clubs, but they tend to be monopolised by the likes of adidas, nike and one or two others.

I do wonder if there is a small extent to which some of canterbury's problem has something to slightly do with Rugby jerseys moving away from the traditionally heavy cotton, collared look, towards a more modern, polyester, no collar look, more along the lines of a soccer jersey. Its interesting that nike are still marketing a more old fashioned looking 'supporters jersey' version of the new England shirt.


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It was rumoured earlier in the year that the Wallabies were moving to KooGa, but nothing has come of it. If there was a process going on, you'd expect there would be some announcement, even if it was just renewing Canterbury.

Odds are England is trying to head down the same path as their football (soccer) team.

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