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NFL helmets


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I will preface this by saying I am the furthest thing from a traditionalist. I love the iridescent look that Jacksonville went with (I think it could look good with any number of teams' colors). I'm also a big fan of non-traditional helmet stripes (e.g. Denver, Tennessee, etc.).


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At the risk of being accused of homerism: the Texans. I liked it from the first time I saw it. That's rare.

The Redskins' helmet is also up there and, although it has some elements that I dislike in other teams, the Packers' simple and oft-copied look is in there as well.

Boston/New England's old "Patriot Pat" and tricornered hat helmets as well as the Houston Oilers' long dead derrick deserve mention as well.

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I've always liked the helmets that did'nt have to use the team logo itself .... Browns.

Not that the Browns have a logo to slap on their helmet.... Or wait, their logo is their helmet. How original!

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The Bengals and Vikings have always been my favorites. Though I do like the pewter color of the Bucs lid as well!

I've no idea if the NFL would do something like this, but it would be great if the AFL players could all wear the original helmets of their franchise at this years pro bowl. Not gonna happen but it would be a neat way to finish off the AFL celebrations! Together with a throwback style shirt!!

And great work colorWerx! Some of us appreciate it ;)

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I did this last year, but a few changes have changed my positions, namely the 49ers and Jaguars. These rankings do not include throwback or alternate helmets.

Top 10

10 Eagles

9 Browns

8 Packers

7 Buccaneers

6 Rams

5 Saints

4 Texans

3 Seahawks

2 Vikings

1 Bengals

Bottom 10

23 Redskins

24 Panthers

25 Falcons

26 Cardinals

27 Titans

28 Lions

29 Jaguars

30 49ers

31 Bills

32 Ravens

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The Bengals, Rams, Vikings and Eagles always looked good to me. They always best demonstrated their identities.

Too bad we're limited to NFL helmets. In terms of design, even 25 years later some of the USFL helmets are still great. Timeless even.

Boston Breakers- Really cool wrap around design depicting ocean waves.

Jacksonville Bulls- Another helmet logo that takes advantage of the whole helmet, complete with the team name in the back.

Arizona Wranglers- If for no other reason because no team before or since has utilized the color of metallic copper.

Los Angeles Express- I liked the fact they had two different streaking logos to compensate for the direction of the helmet, rather than simply mirroring the logo.

Oakland Invaders- I always liked the simple logo of a fist clutching a thunderbolt. And while one might argue it had a similar them and color pallet to the Chargers, I always felt it had an identity unto itself.

Almost making the cut;

Tampa Bay Bandits- I liked the identity, but I always felt they lifted the uniforms off of Ohio State

Denver Gold- Logo would have been perfect if they had a pickax into it like the Sacramento Gold Miners did years later.

Washington Federals- Nice logo, okay nickname, dreadful colors. I switched the colors from green and black to red and blue just to see how it looked. THAT's what a patriotic team from Washington DC should look like. They should have switched colors with the New Jersey Generals. The Generals uniforms could then have been green like the Army and General Patton identity they touted.

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