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Firstly, welcome! *wavy icon that I can't find*

Here's what I like...

-- The helmet design. It's very intuitive and it works, if not a tad reminiscent of Michigan a bit.

-- The basic jersey design.

-- The cuff striping. It makes accentuates the jersey nicely and makes the colors pop, especially on the blue jersey. Nice job.

Here's what needs to be improved:

-- The color situation. I love the combo of teal, red, and cream. But that should be it. Make the pants colored teal, red, or cream. Or, if you want to keep gray or white, then keep them and drop one of your other colors. As Hettinger said, you should keep your colors to three, four tops, and rework your logo and wordmark around that philosophy.

-- The numbers and text. I know you're new to this, so I'll be gentle on this bit. Never. Never. NEVER. Use Times New Roman on anything. That font belongs in books, not as wordmarks and certainly not on uniforms. If you have trouble finding a font, then find a font site -- I recommend 1001fonts.com -- and find a font that accentuates your wordmark and fits in with the identity as a whole. It takes a little bit of tweaking, but you can find something that you'll like. Also, it's a good idea to use dark numbers on light backgrounds.

-- The pants striping. See if you can move it up a bit. They should be leg stripes, not butt stripes.

Overall, this has a lot of potential, and if you make those tweaks, you'll have something that will look really, really good.

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