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Safina suffers worst loss by a #1


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There are 2 things that have kept Safina at the top of the rankings, one she plays A LOT. The way the, particularly wonen's, tennis rankings are, if you keep playing and win a decent amount of matches, you can maintain a ranking relatively easily. The second is that there is not a lot of depth in the womens game, and some of the better players, the Williams' sisters for instance, play actually very little. (I remember someone saying Serena had played like 15 events in the 12 months since between the 08 and 09 Wimbledon events for instance).

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Women's Tennis needs to develop consistency at the top it seems there is a new number 1 every couple of months when a sport has one dominant athlete or athletes people watch like Tiger is golf and Federer/Nadal in tennis.

But less with Woman's Tennis and more so with the LPGA since Annika Sorenstam that sport hasn't seen any dominance.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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