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Hello everyone, I am going to try and start up a thread where I do a wallpaper per NFL team containing the player that is voted on by you the community members. The first poll is up now and I will try to do one a day to try and keep this on the front page for more input. Along with voting on a player, feel free to suggest a perfered style from the link in my sig. The first team is up now for vote. If all goes well, I may continue on to the other major leagues.

Thank you to everyone that votes.


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Just voted on the Cowboys, do you think you could you do the Jets next?

Not a problem, just waiting for the tie to get broken in the poll. Give me a day or two and that poll should be up, even though my hunch is Sanchez will be the runaway winner.

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Well the Cowboys poll was a close one. I checked back a few times to see it tied between Ware and Barber, and finally Ware pulled ahead. Thanks to everyone that voted.


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As requested, the Jets poll will be shortly.

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