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With all the talk about the new Twins uniforms and logos for next season, I decided to put together a concept. It is based on what we have heard about next season so far, and about what I think would look good.


-Primary: featues new Twins wordmark and baseball in background, two guys shaking hands has been modified (more color), and the outline of Minnesota is now red. Here is the Twins' current logo.

-Secondary: based off of the picture from the other thread, features new wordmark and baseball

-Alternate: new version of current logo, new baseball and wordmark



-Home unis: pinstripes with new wordmark and navy hat, throwback with new wordmark and red hat, new primary logo on shoulder of both jerseys


-Road unis: gray pinstripes with new wordmark, gray with new wordmark, primary logo on shoulder for both


-Alternate unis: navy, new word mark, new multi-color hat


Other Apparel

I made some dugout jackets and warm-ups. There is a home and road for each.



C+C appreciated. Neither wordmark is mine, I just modified them.

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Looking good, but I would suggest losing the M in favour of the TC hats all around.

I've often wondered what the rest of the state of Minnesota feels about the TC logo? Personally I like it, but it does seem to suggest that the rest of the state doesn't really exist!!

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Far too many jerseys and caps. Three home jerseys and three road jerseys. I'd remove the nod to the 1980s (the homes/roads on the right) along with the striping on the blue jerseys. I like the wordmark version (from one of the other threads) with the longer underline.

4 game caps and two BP caps. I'd cut it to 2 and 1 (actually, I'd prefer 1 and 1). TC on BP. You need to work some TC into the road. The white front is a popular fashion cap nowadays, but I'd rather not see it on field.

While I'd like to see a new TC logo (all red w/ white outline), as you said "based on what we have heard about next season so far" and it appears that they are not going to do that.

This is just my expression of what I'd like to see...good work overall.

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