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Screen Resolution?


What resolution is your monitor running at?  

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How big/small things are at each resolutions can also depend on your monitor size.

My 19" monitor is fantastic for the smaller resolutions. :D

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Actually, the larger the numbers, the smaller they appear--same space, but more pixels.

The terms are very confusing.

Some people say 'small resolution' and mean the text is small, some mean the amount of info ON the screen is small.

Myself, I have a lot of room for info on my screen, but my text looks small. Actually, sicne I'm on a 19" monitor, if you use a ruler, it is about the same size as someone with a 14 or 15 at 800x600

lots of fun and confusion.

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This topic is making my brain hurt. I have a 15 inch monitor, and I'm no pro designer or tech engineer, so the 800x600 works perfectly for me. I'm an aver age kid working on an average computer, at what I believe to be the average screen resolution. I think unless you do a lot of work on the computer like many of you do, then you don't really need the higher resolution. As far as ESPN.com is concerned, you wouldn't need to see the whole window if they didn't have that goddamn "My ESPN" thing. Feh.

My ESPN's mother wears combat boots.

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ESPN.com annoys the hell out of me.

Before I got my cable modem it crashed me all the time. Then I had to unistalll ESPN motion because it would start up out of the blue and it was hard to turn it off once it started running.

ESPN pop up ads always get around my pop up starter and sometimes cause me to have a screen freeze too, like taht stupid commerical where the people look like their cars.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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