Division 1 College Conference Realignment

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1 minute ago, dfwabel said:

Rutgers has just one non-conference date available...in 2022.


Army is a national brand and is a draw.  UConn isn't.

I'll agree that branding is one thing, but teams need to fill calendar dates and if the American doesn't have anyone to fill UConn's slots in 2020, they'll probably just play those games. At some point though, teams need to fill slots and UConn can help fill slots that would've been used on FCS schools. Scheduling is not as desperate as people make it out to be. The problem for UConn is not having a cut of the conference pie that they would have by staying put. I'm actually surprised this move is based more on basketball than football because the reason the original Big East broke up was football taking over as the major sport in their bigger schools. You should still be able to recruit the same areas you did before no matter what league you're in and supposedly this will help men's basketball with recruiting and women's basketball with tougher games. I think the first part is possible, I don't think that second part is true. 

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