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I love it when people criticize a logo for being too "cartoony" and then praise another that has the exact same quality. I hate to get technical, but ANY logo that depicts a person or animal is basically a cartoon. There are just varying degrees as to how "cartoonish" it looks. IMO this logo is actually more "cartoony" than the Blackhawks' logo because it shows more movement and the lines are thinner - two qualities that I strongly associate with animated cartoons and comic books. When I think of a (good) logo however, they inevitably seem to have thicker lines, are not very complicated, and show "strength".

Which brings me back to the Blackhawks' logo. The current logo is an absolute classic. It is a simple effective logo that people are attached to and invested in. It is universally praised from all corners of the sports world and it annually tops the best of lists. To suggest that it needs replacement or looks dated is absolutely ridiculous. There is no way that this concept betters the Blackhawks' classic logo and I doubt it would get a quarter of the positive reception in the real world that it gets on this board. I'm not saying that this concept is bad or wouldn't work elsewhere, but it's not like there's a contingent of fans anywhere that are screaming for a new Blackhawks' logo and anyone that is, doesn't understand anything about branding.

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Here is my concept I'm sure alot of you have seen around in Icethetics or Puckdrawn.

I'm posting this because i have got a custom jersey made out of it and thought you all might like to see it.




I was at the Jackets/Hawks game this weekend and at the Nationwide arena team store I saw somebody wearing a t-shirt with that logo.

Are your products already for sale?

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