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Possible New Logo Site


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Whoever is running this site better have a good Lawyer.

Charging people money for copyrighted material that he/she doesn't own.

...... somebody's not too bright.

And to add insult to injury.....

They are selling the logo files that we created !!!

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Yeah...a bit light is right:


These are the REAL colors...I think this almost proves that some of the logos on that site are partially stolen from theSLE...the one they had up there was colored too light as well.

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Hey.. honest question here...

We tend to say, with palpable distain... "The obviously stole all of these form the SLE" While I hate that too many thieves stole the nice stuff up at the SLE, and I wish it hadn't had to have shut down for that (and other) reason...

Isn't having a source providing what the SLE provided a GOOD thing? Dont we WANT to be able to obtain this type of stuff?

I could be wrong, and if so, tell me.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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