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Revolution Helmet Photoshop Template


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Ok im having problems getting this to work once i download it into photoshop not all the layers will show up and i cannot even try to change the colors because there is a pencil with a line though it, it say the layers are locked? Anyone know how i can make it work be cause this is awesome work.

Can you... unlock the layers?

Yeah I can unlock it but there are just 2 folders, helmet and enviorment.

yes, those are the two folders, now open the helmet folder and there are all your options.

Thats the thing on yours there is an arrow to open the folder and on mine there isnt.

Heres what it looks like


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You add the logo one level up from the color. The previous thread on helmets had a tutorial. The biggest trick is doing a slight "spherize" to make the logo curve the same way the helmet is.

This is a great template.

Old school Vikings, background sized.


ok thanks i'll start searching that other threat

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Hi again i didn't found the tutorial for placing the logo if it's simple can someone just tell me how to do it?

thnaks in advance

there isnt one (that i made anyway) if youre using illustrator, i use fisheye and the rotate tools. if youre using photoshop, i guess youd just corner pin it with free transform and then add some other distort effects until it looks right.


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its not too bad, but its warped the wrong way, not really at an acute enough angle to the camera and not rotated on the helmet enough.

yeah, i just spotted the red on the helmet. its a reflection from the render in which its coloured red. you can just adjust the hue saturation to get rid of it.

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