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I too "rock" the flat brimmed cap, and most of my hats are like that actually. The ones I wear around.

But I've always curved the brim on my Angels hat that I wear to games or at home watching the games. I've done it perfectly fine. You just have to curve it and wear it in. And while wearing it in, if it does straighten out, then you just keep curving it. Eventually it will stay the way you want it to.

Just look at the players. Some do have flatter brims yes, but others have the full curve. It just takes a little patience if you want it to work.

This is true. I did it with my old Mets' fitted (not a fan, it was given to me as a gift). I bend the lid on it because it's limp from being washed so many times. As Still MIGHTY said, just wear it in and keep bending it. Though, in Perfect Zero's defense, I DO understand the need to fold the cap. It's just one of those things some of us like to do.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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