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A Little Backwards This Time


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a couple from Scrim's LF post:

Flurry (probably already posted)


Arctic (not Arctic Menace, not Arctic Blast, just Arctic)

Nordique or Nordic :hockeysmiley: (you could add an s if you want)

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Well, I was asked to design a logo for an adult hockey team... they wanted a "Yeti"-type look... This is where I'm netting out on the logo... It needs a couple more tweeks, but overall almost final...


Now they want me to come up with a team name... I have supplied several, none of which they where crazy about...

Any help would be great...

Thanks! :hockeysmiley:

It's the mouth that makes this logo look so cool!

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I love it man. At the moment I like the color sets for the first two, though I think I'd prefer the third color set if the navy blue was a touch darker and a touch more saturated.

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I like the third one but I like to not use black as much as possible. Those are really great logos though and I am trying to do a snow man for a team I design for. I like Avalanche, you could use Mountain Men or Mountaineers depending on where they are too.

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Ok, here's my take:

I used to work for the Green Bay Blizzard of af2. And we had a very harh time naming out mascot. We finally came up with Brusier becuase we did not thing that anyone would get Squach. After looking at that logo, it's eriely similar to the Blizzard's logo. However, it's frigging sweet and I think that you should go with the name Squach. Mahalo.

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The Frozen Tundra

Tundra Terror

The Thing (old movie)

Glacier Ghengis (as in Ghengis Khan)

White Death

Cocaine Creature (sniffffff)

Saber Demon

Artic Assassin

Artic Arnold (as in the Terminator)


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I don't wanna be the first one to come on here and take any shot at all at the design, but I guess I am. However, it's not really I shot, I just have a suggestion.

I take a look at it, and the way the top of the head is smooth and round and the sides are jagged and hairy, I see a crazy bald dude in this logo. Add some jagged hair on top and it'd look even better.

I like color set 3, and I dunno about the names.

Don't mean to jump on your work, just had to let you know what I saw in it. A great design noless.

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