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PAC-10 Redesign.


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Stanford...gotta make the two views of the pants match. Otherwise solid design.

Washington...prefer a "W" on the helmet, but this is not bad. Make the helmet stripes symmetric. The rest of the uniform is fantastic. I don't actually like the Bronco numbers, but I like the rest so much I'm overlooking it. Nice work.

Oregon State...If you are going for something OSU might do, then you nailed it. But the shoulder design is too arbitrary. I don't mind the pants, but the jersey could be simplified. Of course I'd take the jersey if it meant getting your helmet over the wordmark/logo.

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Pretty well done so far. Heres my thoughts so far...

Stanford: Nice and simple yet still modern. Remove the stripe on the front of the pants and its pretty solid

Washington: Ive always said "Why dont they use the husky logo on the helmet?" and yet every time I see a concept with it on the helmet I think the W looks better. I like the husky logo but I think the W fits better for them. Use the helmet stripe you got on the aways and this is again solid.

Oregon State: I would love for them to go to the interlocking OS for a helmet logo. Its nice and simple yet looks really good. I love the pants but I dont think the jersey design goes very well with them. I would say rethink the jersey as well as getting rid of the logo above the NOB.

Awesome job so far. Keep up the work.

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I think the W on Washington Helmet is better, also the white on Oregon State is out of place, I like the jersey as is, but i'd fill in the white and leave the piping and it'll look fine

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