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Nashville Predators: Rebranding Concept


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Here is my attempt at updating the Nashville Predators logo. I like the general shape/perspective of the existing logo, so I just simplified it a bit. From there, I tried to create a more realistic looking saber-toothed tiger. The logo is based off of the few illustrations I was able to find during my research.

The secondary logo is pretty straight forward. The "P" is the same modified font as the wordmark. The fang shape on the end of the P, and the striping within the P are both meant to convey elements of the saber-toothed tiger and/or primary logo.



For the jerseys, I wanted to find a way to reflect elements of the primary logo. To that end, the sleeve striping is meant to depict a set of fangs on each arm. For the alternate, the tiger-ish striping (again, to tie into the logos) is sublimated ? inspired by the current Team USA uniforms. There are no shoulder logos; instead, I placed the arm numbers up near the shoulder, like the placement Team Canada has been using for the past couple of years. It was necessary for the home and road jerseys, in order to get the effect I wanted from the arm striping; and was carried over to the alternate for consistency.

The name font on each jersey is the same as what I used in the wordmark,without the italics. The number font is a slightly modified version of the Senators number set ? the proportions were changed slightly; the top of the 1 was replaced; and italicized to match the wordmark.




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You're certainly on the right track, Phil. The first thing I saw (as it's the very first thing visible when I scroll down) was the wordmark and my immediate reaction was "Whoa, this guy is serious." That wordmark is excellent. In a time when overstatement seems to be the norm in type when it comes to sports branding, anything simple like what you've got here is refreshing. Yet, it's not so simple that it's boring. It just plain looks classy.

Then I got to the primary mark and was a little underwhelmed. While I agree that the Predators' logo is a bit on the complex/overdone side, yours has gone too far the other direction: it's now too simple. It looks a bit like a cartoon. I like the details on the fangs. I like the white around the mouth with the rest of the cat being yellow. The stroke weight is generally very pleasing to the eye as well. I don't really know what to do to make it less cartoony, but I think it has something to do with the eye. Make it a bit more realistic perhaps?

Another thing I'm not fond of in the primary (and as you adapted this from the original, it's not your fault, per se), is that the shape of the whole head is made up of half straight lines and half curves. There seems to be little consistency with it. I'd say smooth the whole thing out, building the head out of curves instead of half straight lines, half arcs.

As for the uniforms, the home and away are great. I think the alternate is a bit on the bland side though. I do like what you did with the whole 'saber-tooth' striping on the sleeves and I like the subliminal stripes on the alternate. It's just that there's really nothing else to the alternate beyond that. Something else that may help the alternate is returning the triangle backing to the cat's head. Or using a different crest entirely.

All in all, I like it quite a bit.

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very nice start indeed...my thought would be to make the secondary logo an 'N' because the coloring and stripes connote "Predators" and looking at the 'P' by itself makes me think the team is from a city beginning with 'P'. Making it an 'N' would connote both the predator's aesthetic AND the city name beginning with an 'N'. Great start tho, i think this one is on its way to perfection....

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This is really good. I like the home and road jerseys. Not so much the alternate though. However I do like the predator striping above the cuffs on the third. Something about all the yellow doesn't make the Predator seem quite vicious enough IMO.

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I think the logo has alot of potential and the Alternate jersey looks spectacular. I would add the steel blue of the alternate to the two other jerseys as an accent colour. Maybe put it between the yellow and white stripes. The Predators have always had a great colour scheme but somehow its never added up to a great jersey. These are almost there, great work!

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