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Local High School Football Uniforms


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I was looking up pictures and found this video...I don't know what to say about it other than it does show the school's new Portland State recolor and plain uniforms.

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I'm willing to bet I go to one of the smallest school's of anyone here...and we're about average size in Nebraska.

How small???

A little over 400 students I think, K-12. Around 25 in my class.

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Schools like St. Thomas Aquinas and Miami Northwestern might have something to say about that. And that's just two in Florida. There's DeMatha in Maryland, quite a few really good one's in Ohio. And then there's Texas.

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Friday Night Lights


Season 1 uniforms where exactly like the real schools. After that the opponent schools on the show would

usually have the jersey match, but the helmet decals usually got tweaked.

Schools that were represented on the show:

Real/Fake School

Pflugerville/Dillon Panthers (Before the show started using Under Armour uniforms)

(Season 1 episode 1 uniforms)


(Season 1 episode 2-22 uniforms)




Westlake/Westerby Chaps (Season 1 uniforms)


Westwood/Westcott Warriors (Season 1 uniforms)


A&M Consolidated/Arnett Mead Tigers (Season 1 uniforms)


San Marcos/South Milbank Rattlers (Season 1 uniforms)


Connally/Ft. Hood Cougars (Season 5 uniforms. Show did not include C on helmet and replaced black socks with green.)(Season 2 included C on helmet. Jerseys that season not based off real team.)


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Wow, how things have changed. I didn't play football - wish I had - but when I was in school (late '70s), except for the most affluent towns, the unis were usually hand-me-downs, often mismatched, and even lineman mostly had two-bar masks. Now almost everybody has the same or similar gear as colleges and even the pros, all the way down to NOBs at the Pee Wee level.

My alma mater, the West Jefferson Buccaneers (Harvey, LA, outside N.O.):


My daughters' original school, the Lewisville (TX) Fighting Farmers (no, really). They've changed a lot. When my girls were there ('90s), their unis were solid maroon from head to toe - no helmet logo, no nothing. They were awesomely simple in a Penn State kind of way. Now they have pitchforks on the helmet, jersey side panels, and the team name up the leg. Downgrade IMO.


Then my girls went to Coppell (the Cowboys), but sadly, I can't find a decent pic of their unis. For as popular as HS football is in Texas, the photography blows.

Wow...same problem for our now-local squad, the Cherokee (GA) Warriors.

And one for fun...ever wonder what the Cairo Syrupmakers look like? I'm amused by their...what's that called, a NOF? Not Syrupmakers, just Makers.


Better shot of the helmet:


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This is my current school, the Friendly High(MD 3ASouth) from Fort Washington, Maryland. We are notable alumni are Joe Haden(Cleveland Browns) and comedian Martin Laurance. We have that pitiful Russell Athletic template. The red uniform is a throwback from our state championship in 06. The black out unis are used at our homecoming games. Alot of teams in our county use black alts just for black's sake.


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My alma-mater, Middleton High. Woefully generic and, like our fight song, completely based on Notre Dame. Wikipedia says 777, but the information was from 2009, and a new larger building opens next month that honestly blows out any other high school in the surrounding area.

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