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Blazers Vs. Lakers


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Man what an awesome game. I was at that game tonight, because I live in Portland and am a HUGE Portland fan and I got sat next to a HUGE Laker fan. I was having a fun time with it and we were just heckling eachother. The game was the best game I've ever seen, despite the outcome. All the fans were really into it, it's a shame that Kobe hit that 3 as time expired. I just loved that game.

PS - After the game Zach Randolph threw his shoe in the crowd and it hit my hand and fell and there was a big brawl for it, but I lost. REAL exciting.

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What a sickening finish... I, too, was watching the game with three other die-hard Blazers fans. To quote my pal sitting to my left, "what a kick-in-the-nuts way to end a season." F***...

F*** THE LAKERS AND F*** KOBE BRYANT AND HIS G**-D*** THREE-POINTERS! :cursing: I mean, at least there was some D on that shot that sent the game to OT. But you can NOT let him loose on an inbounds play! S***!!!!! :cursing:

Man, I still want to puke. I agree JB, it was an awesome game. It's just the finish that royally sucked...

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