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YMCA changing logo/brand


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Why do i have the feel that The YMCA did this to pander to a certain demographic??

I don't know either, maybe fat people are more influenced by italicized letters?

Concerned with the rising rates of obesity among adults and children in America, YMCAs around the country are joining with the non-profit America on the Move to help Americans increase their physical fitness by walking more frequently.


I like it. It doesn't look like the Jesus's rusty Holy Grail anymore.

The YMCA is evidence of the future of religion in America. The importance of keywords and phrases like "faith" and "died for our sins" in the everyday life of a "believer" was once a basic Christian principle, but these words have become meaningless in a world where it is easy for a large organization of charitable people to surmount the struggles of many people in the world - the real definition of what it means to be 'good'. Thus, we are seeing the emergence of fellowship, community involvement, and alignment with aid organizations.

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Those words may be meaningless to you, but they are of primary importance to millions of people in the United States and throughout the world. Don't pass along your opinion as fact.

Sorry to go off topic, but you did first.

Stay with me on this topic, KJTALBOT.

Millions of people have different understandings of symbols and letters that create placeholders, signify, ideas and other material things in their own infinite universes, Jesus Christ exists as a word in the Christian dialect as a logos, or that which comes down from the almighty heavens to our meager existences, the same way "meaning" seems to come to us from "the signified," letters which are used to signify the material objects that they describe, albeit, described in a fashion that does not adhere to any of the properties that the signified material possesses. In consequence, the letters that I am writing bear no resemblance to the ideas and material things that they describe, but, somehow, you and I both are able to deduce "meaning." God, or any logo-centric "being" that comes down from the almighty heavens to our meager existences is merely a metaphor for this ability for we humans to deduce the meaning of the words that create the Bible, itself. Logocentrism is the belief in meaning, which is subjective and therefore, my opinion is fact...

Perhaps, as I stated before, if Christians were less interested in focusing on their favorite short stories in the Bible, they could actually form together and make change in the world for the better. The same goes for the YMCA logo change. Evidenced by the change from "Holy Grail" to "Fast Forward" motifs in the YMCA logo, this Christian organization is attempting to align itself with an ideology dependent upon the physical fitness of the individual - so that he or she may become a better aid-giver to the rest of the world.

My advice: Give up the ancient Bible-belt vocabulary and focus your attentions on bettering yourself physically to perform heroic acts of goodness to your fellow man. In FACT, skipping the bingo contest or pick-up basketball games at the YMCA would not be a bad place to start.

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The rounded edges seem really forced. I like the idea of it, but it seems overdone and now looks like it should appear on the label of some baby food or toyco plaything.

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I just saw a news article about this and did a search before posting. Glad I did. :) My first reaction is upgrade, but my second reaction is we're going to be looking at this in 15 years as an "early 2000s" logo. It's almost dated before it is dated, IMHO.

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