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NFL Third Jerseys


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I agree with kbaker, I'd go ahead and drop that stripe as it doesn't fit with the others. I actually love this one, form everything to the shoulder and pant stripes to the bear head on the helmet. Great work.

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Nothing new here, just dropped the one shoulder stripe.


Bengals up next. I also just realized that I'll be doing 3 possibly orange teams in a row. Oh well, just a coincidence!

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It's been a while, so I expect this one to need a little tweaking. I wanted an orange jersey for this one (actually I think the Bengals' primary color should be orange, but that's another story), and some type of tiger stripes. Yeah, it's totally cliche, but it only makes sense. I'll admit that I copied a standard tiger pattern off Google for this, simply because tiger stripes would be like hell to do in Paint. Obviously a real version would have some original tiger stripes...and probably some type of mesh pattern. The black stripes on the shoulders and sides are very thin piping, just being used to break up the stripes from the rest of the jersey. I originally had modeled the front stripes after the Dutch soccer kits, having them all white, but I decided to change it up a bit. Another thing I had at first was white pants, but I decided black could work just as well. What do you think? Nothing else to explain here, the tiger head is on the helmet facing forward on each side.


Sorry for the little delay here, I hope to keep doing these throughout the summer!

Browns up next.

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Well the Bengals seem to have been received fairly well (still would like more comments though!), but I'm sorta stuck on what to do for the Browns? Which uniform combo would you like to see? I'm considering about 5 options right now. [helmet|jersey|pants]






I'm open to any other suggestions as well...Browns fans especially!

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Well I'd already had a uniform finished, but I was just waiting to post it. But now that I see some more suggestions, I'll change it up later on. I particularly like sizemore's idea of using Brownie the Elf which, to be honest, never even crossed my mind before! Anyway, I'll be on another brief 'hiatus' this week because I'll be away from my computer for a while. This concept here is more of a rough draft, and definitely not final. Expect something with Brownie the elf later next week.


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