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2010 NBA Draft


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I'm a bit late on this, but the other day while walking around Times Square with a friend of mine we noticed a bit of commotion at Champs Sports. We walked in, and Derrick Favors from GT, who ended up going third to the Nets later that day, was there. Kid is about to get PAID, so as a joke they had him working behind the counter ringing up merchandise the morning before the draft. It's definitely the last real job he'll ever have :P


The kid is an absolute monster, I can't believe he's only 18.

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Knicks & Jazz are the losers of the draft, while the Wizards, Warriors, Nets, thunder struck a goldmine last night.

The Nuggets are the real losers.

At least Utah and New York drafted people. It's really frustrating to watch the Nuggets act with complete disregard for the NBA draft year after year.

You've got a point, but drafting not just one, mind you, but TWO players that play a position you're already loaded at while adressing no major needs whatsoever is just as beneficial as drafting no one. I'm ashamed to say it, but the Jazz really tanked it at the draft. The worst draft we've had in many years, and that's saying alot considering we routinely do something like this every year.

Gordon Hayward, who should've been a late first round pick being one of those two. I've been more impressed by Crawford than Hayward if we wanna talk about midwestern mid-major stars.

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