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Speaking of '90s logos, St. John's should go back to this logo


Ugh. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion or not, but all 3 primary colours should not be used together. It almost always looks bad.

im with you, i've never liked the primary colors together when they are all the same saturation or brightness. it always looks like something made by Playskool. very strong "children's toy" connotations. the only way i ever slightly like the primaries together is when at least one of the colors is very dark. poster example below


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I think these are really, really underrated Astros uniforms



Those are boring. 1990s blandness at its finest.

2 words I never thought I'd see used together in a uniform discussion context

I actually agree with that. Another uniform that fits into that small category:


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So now that they've been replaced, how long til someone says the red sox road uniforms they just ditched? (Oh im sure it could already be in this thread)

Good riddance to those tho imo.

Good riddance, indeed. The Red version is a million times better than the blue version.

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I actually like the '90's Astros look better than any of their other ones. The "diesel" look they followed it up with was just boring, and the ones they have now, while serviceable, don't look at all unique. As for their pre-90's look...gah. I really see why they call it Rainbow Guts.

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I feel like my dislike of the 1990s 'Stros uniforms is the unpopular opinion. I think a lot of people here like them. They have one thing going for them and that's an appropriate color scheme. But the rest of it just seemed uninspired and thrown together. Besides, as appropriate as the color scheme is, there is nothing wrong about blue/orange for the Astros.

I have two unpopular Astros opinions. First, I don't like the 90s uniforms. Second I do like the uniform they just dumped a couple of years ago. I love the color scheme. I like what they did with the star logo. An obvious problem is that the earthy color scheme probably fit the Astros less than any other team (save the reds) but I liked it enough to look past it. Being blue and orange again is probably the right way to go because now the Astros, unlike the Padres, have a defining color scheme. But I did like their uniforms.

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