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Death to the Ball-In-Glove logo


And, I hate the following:

Anything Minnesota Wild

Anything Baltimore Ravens

Anything Atlanta Thrashers

Anything Tennessee Titans

The Original AZ D'backs - looked like a bad prison tattoo.

Steelers round jersey font.

Mets black drop-shadows.

Pinstripes on basketball jerseys.

Pinstripes on any jerseys for me... The yankees get a pass.....all others would be better off without in my (probably unpopular) opinion.

For basketball, I think the Orlando Magic actually look better with pinstripes. Remove the pinstripes and they would look very boring and dull. I think their two pinstripe-less sets were their worst.

That said, I think the N.O. Hornets looked better w/out pinstripes.

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I liked:

The Orlando Thunder uniforms (I have a game worn home jersey)

(side note on Seattle greens: they were bought by some stooge who other than laying them off on JO Sportsco who charged a fortune for them, this knucklehead refuses to sell any more of them. He has an estimated 35 of the jerseys).

Frankfurt Galaxy

(side note: Equipment manager asked the GM about wearing purple pants. GM nixed the idea immediately)

Barcelona Dragons colors/logo

Baltimore Ravens purple pants (no never worn them in a game but they do have them)

Browns' orange pants

Chargers unis of the Dan Fouts era with white pants

New York Cosmos navy kit

Pirates gold jerseys; Pirates black jerseys

Nix on:

Any soccer club going the "Euro" route (that means you sporting KC - this ain't no social club in the bronx).

Any jersey that acts like a billboard.

'Nuff said.

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I don't think a lot of people like these, but I love them:


I had always wondered what it would look like on the field but never thought it would happen. I was excited when it surprisingly DID happen and loved it.

The team got destroyed on the field when it happened...so I doubt I'll see them again.

Same thing happened with these:


I can actually remember sitting in the car on the way to FedEx and saying to my dad: "Wouldn't it be cool if the Redskins decided to do something like all burgundy because its monday night!" I legit didn't know... and then. OMG THEY DID. I like em I guess but they are nothing compared to the Gold pants. NOTHING.

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I love the Rays' plaid billed hats and the Philadelphia Flyers current jerseys WITH the nameplate.

I hate the Flyers off colour nameplates that everyone seems to love.

If yauger72 loves the Flyers jerseys WITH the off-color nameplate -- apparently believing that it is unpopular -- then why does nash61 think everyone seems to love them? :wacko:

I just assumed everybody hated them. Most comments on the jersey pages for them involved the nameplates being bad.

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I vastly prefer the Cowboys' silver-green-blue to the regular silver....I just wish their helmets matched.

I too prefer the greenish silver. I, too, wish the helmets matched.

Dark royal + greenish silver = win in my book. (Not the super-duper-greenish silver of current, but something a little closer of that of the Carolina Panthers.)

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Did the Yankees do it first? Why should they get a pass. I think their uniforms and logo are overblown due to the stature of the team. They have a pretty dull look.

I think the yankees look pretty great....especially their road uniforms. I give them a pass because they have the right old-timey simple design to pull it off, and without the pinstripes they'd be identical to the tigers (the best home jersey in baseball IMO.) First to do it or not, it just seems the pinstripes belong on them -- with no names on the back and the rest. Every other team I can think of would look better without the pinstripes... Teams like the phillies with red pinstripes come off as pink to me... Modern designs with pinstripes seem forced... The twins look ok I guess....I could kinda dig the road pinstripes as being their thing -- think the homes would be cooler without. Sox cooler without... Astros cooler without... Mets definitely cooler without.

Basketball jersey with ever so subtle pinstripes don't really bother me per se, but I tend to think they'd be better without in most cases.

Just my opinion.

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This is hideous. For the longest time I thought the island was just a splotch, like a Rorschach inkblot.

I agree about the 90s NBA looks. Better than what they're wearing now. The Pistons went from a nice unique look to a logo that's two words in front of a basketball. Downgrading by oversimplifying isn't good. The Clippers should do an update of their boat logo, too, instead of the generic thing they have now. At least then more people would know what a clipper is.

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i think im one of just a handful that think the gators should go to the white helmet they wore last year as a primary.

I'm with you on that one. I think the orange ones look too dated.

I don't hate the orange helmets, but the script is VERY dated. I haven't written in cursive since third grade.

So UCLA's and Cal's helmets are just as bad? And it's Florida's problem that you haven't written in cursive since third grade?

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Using alternating colors delineates the elements of the uniform while providing a simple and eye-pleasing pattern. To wit: the Raiders wearing silver helmets, black shirts, silver pants, black socks; or the Packers wearing yellow helmets, green shirts, yellow pants, green socks. Everything is set apart, but at the same time, it matches. The Buccaneers' occasional pewter helmet, red jersey, white pants, black socks sequence; or the Giants' blue/white/grey/red, are just as mismatched as any monochrome.

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