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I'm with you on those Broncos throwbacks. Sheer beauty, the best they've ever worn.

My own heresy is about the Packers' untouchable uniforms. I was terribly disappointed that the rumored early 1990s switch-to-navy never happened, and I still wish that Ron Wolf had the guts to pull the trigger on his redesign in 1994.

It's not too late, Green Bay. The Rodgers era is just beginning.


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i love gray facemasks.

Same here.

I also think the Cleveland Browns look great. That's a very unpopular opinion around here. But the one that sets me apart? The fact that I think this...


is by far and away the best look the Rams have ever used.

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Its funny how this thread took off. If you read everyones comments, it seems like confessing or AA.

"Hi my name is raysox and I don't care for the Ball-in-glove logo."

I love these


And hate these(Rams)


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Its funny how this thread took off. If you read everyones comments, it seems like confessing or AA.

"Hi my name is raysox and I don't care for the Ball-in-glove logo."

Hi. My name is infrared41 and I don't think the ball-in-glove logo is anything special. Didn't care for it when it was their primary logo. Don't care for it now. Sorry.

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I love the Cavs logo and uniforms from the 90's

I love the Browns brown pants

I like the Browns having "AL" on the sleeve of their jerseys

I prefer the Steelers round numbers over the old block numbers

I love the Texans all-red look

I like the Thunders logo and jerseys

I don't like any of the Bobcats logos, including the alternate that a lot of people seem to like

I don't like the Twins new jerseys or script

I loved the Blue Jackets bug logo.

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Oh, and some others I love that I forgot to mention before:

- Disney era periwinkle Angels

- Disney era Mighty Ducks

- The Phoenix Picassoyote

- Diamondbacks purple and teal

- Original Seahawks

- Milwaukee Brewers current look

- The Roger Maris era Athletics (late 50's)

- Every St. Louis Browns identity (yes, THE St. Louis Browns)

- Green, Blue, and Black DEVIL Rays

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Forgot one. While I hated most of the NBA jerseys with the graphics, I loved the Sonics Jersey. It was not so much what was on it, but the color scheme.

Also, I hated the Barkley-era Suns uniform, which is very popular around here.

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I like the thread idea, Raysox.

A few I like that everyone else doesn't:

-Bengals current unis. Why does everyone hate them? I think they look cool.

-Vikings home and road unis. Perhaps it is just because I am a die-hard Vikes fan, but I like em.

-Vikings purple pants- only with the white jerseys. I would love to see them wear purple pants for at least a few road games.

-The entire Seahawks look.

-Rams white pants at home- but not full time, just as an alternate.

-Steelers throwbacks with the yellow helmets and black jerseys.

-Thrashers light blue jersey


-Predators mustard 3rd jersey

-old green and black Devil Rays look

-old purple and black Diamondbacks look

-Mets black (the black/blue hat anyway)

And a few I don't like that everyone else does:

-Cowboys unis. They are so inconsistent.

-Raiders unis. They seem so bland and boring.

-Canadiens road jersey. It should use the same striping as the red jersey.

-There are a ton of classic, traditional teams that everyone loves. They usually only love the team's look because it is so traditional. Often the look is very dated or inconsistent, but just because it is classic or traditional, it automatically "looks good".

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-I love the current Cardinals look. I'm not sure why, but it's always nice to see them on the field.

-I love the Brewers current set, the BiG logo is getting way too much praise than it ever deserved.

-The neon alternates the Seahawks released this past year were AMAZING.

-LOVE the simplicity of throwbacks, only if they're used sparingly.

-Modern piping isn't horrible to me.

-Like the thought of having gray road jerseys.

-I really dislike when teams use two bright colors, instead of two contrasting colors. They just seem to bleed into one color from further away.

-I hate when logos that were horrible in the first place are kept because of it's history; just move on already.

-I can't STAND pants any other color than the color of the road jersey or white; baseball doesn't need mustard pants, Pittsburgh.

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I dont really like many of the logos in the NHL. The Blackhawks, Canadiens, and Red Wings I could all stand to see changed, probably because I'm too young to be caught up in the "tradition".

I dont mind some of the EDGE jerseys.

I love the Calgary Flames vintage alternates

Kind of relating to my first one, I hate when people say that you cant do a concept for a team with a historic logo. Its just a concept, get over it. :D

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Here are some of mine that I like:

--San Francisco Giants' current orange alts. (hoping for A's yellow-gold next year; let's hope they go all yellow-gold, hat and pants included)

--Utah Jazz 1996-2003 Mountain look, for the most part (My guilty pleasure, won't ever be worn again soon, but the home whites and mountains on the pants made it for me)

--Utah Jazz 2004-2010 Boozer-era (can you call it that?) blue-on-blue scheme (navy-on-sky) and home uniforms (though excited for the new green/navy/yellow-gold look)

--Black "V" Vancouver Canucks jerseys, as well as the yellow ones with the "Canucks" crest on it that came immediately after.

--New Orleans Hornets initial look in the Big Easy, especially the yellow-gold alts:


--Though I hate the logo, the OKC Thunder's home uniforms are great, and their roads aren't so bad. Orange and light blue, who'd of thunk it? The light blue roads actually make sense, being the primary color in the Oklahoma state flag. The only problem with the roads is that about half the league already wears some kind of blue; on their own they are good. Colorwise, I'd only drop the navy blue and gold and replace it with a dark gray.

--Late 90's Sonics color scheme (not too hot on the logo) of green/yellow-gold/brick red

--San Jose Sharks post-Edge look (with the orange-gold)

--Late Vancouver/early Memphis Grizzlies black/teal/red look (before the navy/light blue/yellow-gold makeover):


--Black/purple/silver Sacramento Kings look (it was their best years in recent memory)

--First few years in Dallas, Stars look (home white); love the green and black:


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Since I don't really watch many sports games that don't involve the NFL, that's all I feel qualified to comment about.

I like the Rams' white pants. A lot.

I hate all the custom number fonts the NFL teams use. If it makes a design better; fine, but this 'custom fonts just so we can trademark them' trend really needs to stop.

I liked the Eagles' black alts.

I cannot stand the Bengals' 'Striped B' logo.

Pat the Patriot was a good illustration, but a terrible logo. Flying Elvis is ten times better.

Speaking of old logos, the Packers, Bears, Niners, Vikings, Jets, Browns, Raiders, Cowboys and Redskins could all use an update.


Piping is just like striping. The way the uniform designer chooses to employ it determines whether it is 'good' or 'bad'.

Most of the uniforms designed in the 1990s were crap. Notable exceptions were the Carolina Panthers and Florida Panthers.

Gradients aren't inherently bad.

Block numbers almost always look better than the alternatives.

Sometimes, white shoes actually look better on a football team (See Colts, Jets, Giants, Dolphins, Browns, Packers)

An all-white uniform is bland as hell, but is necessary when the teams employ a white helmet. (White helmet, white jersey, colored pants = lame)

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I hate silver helmets. Yes, even the Oilers.

With the exception of the idiotic pinstrips, I really like the Astros' current unifrom set.

I like the both the Cardinal's and Viking's current uniforms. Piping is okay, everybody.

I like the Titan's logo even though I hate the Titans

I hated just about everything about the Expos. Nostalgia won't ever get me to like that ugly hat.

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some of my opinions I've made known in the past, but it'll be good to let em be known again...

-the Wild Wing jerseys had an awful, illegible font, but looked pretty nice otherwise.

-I would be more than open to the idea of the LA Kings switching to the Angry King (I refuse to call it that other name you guys gave him) as a primary, mainly cus the current crown is ugly. Not the jerseys, mind you, the crest.

-don't know how few people hold this opinion, but I hate the Cubs' current road jerseys. The blues actually make for better roads IMO.

-I liked the Mets' white caps from 97, as well as the Royals, Orioles and Pirates' gray caps. And the Texas Longhorns' white and gray caps. And the short-lived white Red Sox cap

-the Sacto Kings' gold alts kicked ass.

-the Carolina Panthers do not need to change a damn thing.

-the Knicks' use of black cannot be compared to the Mets' abuse of it. The Knicks have used black tastefully, the Mets simply dropped a bridge on everybody.

-road pinstripes can be done well.

-someone in the NBA must save script lettering from the Clippers.

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"id rather be right than popular"

heres a list of crap i like . . .

- Seahawks uniforms

- Bengals uniforms

- modern templates (Vikings, AZ Cardinals, Washington U, etc)

- Oregon

- throwbacks!!

- '09 Denver Broncos throwbacks (even the socks)

- stripe variety

- revolution helmets (not the revospeeds though)

- monochrome uniforms

crap i dont like . . .

- Eagles kelly green and old wing design

- angry mascot logos

- pro combat uniforms

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