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1 hour ago, DNAsports said:

What I meant was the placement of white in the stripes is odd

I couldn't disagree more: I actually think that the Steelers have the best stripes in the NFL. The way the gold and white play off of one another, without ever touching, is perfect.


The Steelers have perfected the white/gold color balance. All they need is to go back to block numbers, and they'll be all set.

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9 hours ago, Ray Lankford said:

Speaking of the Steelers, I love the rounded numbers and think they look immensely better than the old block ones. 

I hate the Steelers, but I also think they look better with their current number font than they did with the old one. Although the old one did give the whole set an old-time intimidation factor, calling to mind the Steel Curtain defense of the '70s.

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On 12/20/2016 at 11:21 PM, Dolphins Dynasty said:

It's not exactly on par with most of the logos in the MLS, but I still think this is a pretty solid logo.



On 12/29/2016 at 7:42 AM, 2001mark said:

I don't hate it, I just think they should downsize/simplify it.  It nearly looks like a corporate logo amongst the MLS sheet.

NE Revs, I dunno.  The paint brush scheme is nice, that it needs a large area to convey isn't so much.

I see the paint brush motif being more for applications (posters, signage, advertisements, etc.) than for the actual logo or uniform. 


As it is, drives me nuts that they have the clean, typed out NEW ENGLAND and TM mixed with the brush strokes. 


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