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22 hours ago, fbjim said:

The "sand"-colored Padres uniforms were simultaneously great, and a nice subtle tribute to their old yellow uniforms, even if that wasn't the intent. 


Not sure how unpopular this opinion really is. IMO, those uniforms were the only redeemable aspect of the Padres' navy era.

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On the topic of the Padres - I always thought their 2016 home jerseys were an underrated look:




Replace Navy Blue with Padres Brown and add some stripes to the pants, and you got yourself a pretty great alternate.

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20 hours ago, DCarp1231 said:

From the shoulders down, this is the best the Jaguars have lookedspacer.png



I still prefer the 95-08 set (I know there were various tweaks along the way), but give me a full stripe on the pants and remove the unnecessary sublimation on the shoulders and these were pretty good sans helmet (and the Goldust uniform). 


Even what they're wearing now is probably number outlines and a pants stripe from being very good. It's just between that helmet being such a disaster and Tom Coughlin having input made them go way too conservative.

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