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The Astros haven't had a good uni set since the rainbows.

The BiG logo kicks ass for monogram-related reasons previously discussed, plus they aren't really brewers of beer.

It bothers me that more people don't acknowledge the Hopi influence of the Coyotes' "Picasso" jerseys. Is there actual press about Picasso?

I hate the Blackhawks solid-black alternate AND the barberpole from years past.

The Mets should always wear pinstripes at home, and no black ever.

All ballplayers should wear knee-length uni pants and long stirrup hose.

I hate Flying Elvis.

All European football teams should play for a year without shirt sponsors. Swallow the financial loss and see if the sponsors suffer at all.

I love the Steelers' round numbers.

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Sorry but the powder blue Chargers jerseys are crap.

Sacrilege! :P

Seriously, how can you hate these beauties:


They need to be the full-time home uniforms.

Back on topic - more unpopular opinions of mine:

? I hate the Yankees' whole uniform set. Same goes for the Colts, Cowboys, Raiders, Penn State, Alabama, and the Lakers.

? Gold really works with the Celtics.

? Teams that refuse to use alternate uniforms or participate in uni-related special events are really just being pretentious. There's no good reason why the Yankees can't have fun with their look (for example - when they refused to take part in TATC), other than the very self-congratulatory reason of "tradition."

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Look at my screen handle. You already know what my favorite NFL set of all time is. (Hint: look two or three posts above this one.)

Wanna know what other "garish" uniform set actually ranks in my top five of all? These...


I LOVED those uniforms. Everything about them. Even the phantom vertical stripes in the jersey. By far the best thing about them is the enormous logos on the shoulders. Really incredible design.

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My own two cents:

  • Count me as another fan of the Seahawks' current look. In fact the Toronto Vipers' two shades of green (see my avatar, and sig below) are based on the Seahawks' two shades of blue (reverse the blue and green components in their respective RGB codes).
  • I'd like to see the Packers switch from yellow-gold to metallic-gold as their secondary color (keeping all other elements of their uniforms the same). Yellow-gold as anything more than trim just looks garish to me on a football uniform; see also the old Rams duds (and I do mean "duds").
  • The Bucs' "creamsicles" aren't my favorites, but I do give them credit for being a unique and instantly recognizable look. (I like their current look a lot better, but that has a lot to do with it being unique in its own right, particularly with pewter in the color scheme which, AFAIK, no other major pro or college team still has. If the Bucs had replaced the "creamsicles" with a more conventional color scheme I probably would have hated it.)
  • The Dallas Stars' color scheme is all right, but the way the colors are used on their primary logo (gold text/green star) strikes me as @$$-backwards. It should be the other way around. I don't mind the Mooterus either.
  • I prefer the Penguins' mid-'90s logo above all their other ones (the skating penguin strikes me as too cartoonish for a major-league team).
  • Last but not least, in the NLL the Minnesota Swarm have taken a lot of heat for their current jersey design, but I like it, or at least I like their blue home jerseys. The away whites, not so much, though they have grown on me a bit too.

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  • Teal is awesome
  • The original Diamondbacks uniforms and colors were awesome. Their current one is absolutely ugly
  • The teal-heavy Marlins was the the best look they've ever had
  • Why the Blue Jays took a completely fine set of uniforms and replaced them with such a hideous look is beyond me
  • Tampa Bay's Creamsicle uniforms are much better then what they have now
  • Seattle's Royal Blue and Kelly Green is far superior to the current Seahawks' colors
  • The uniform "updates" of the Falcons, Lions, Cardinals, and Vikings took a nice, traditional look and turned it into a modernized mess

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I don't think there is enough room to list the unis I love that everyone hates. It seems the common opinion is plain is good, and no one likes bright or odd colors, or crazy and creative designs. Just a taste per sport.

NHL- Penguins gold jersey, Bruins yellow jersey, Isles orange jersey, Seals/Golden Series jerseys, Flames horse head jersey, Isles fisherman jersey, current and old Coyotes third jersey, Stars bullhead jersey, Preds mustard jersey.

NFL- Bengals orange, Seahawks bright green, Giants red, Browns orange, Texans all red, and most monochrome looks that everyone hates.

MLB- all D-Backs jerseys, Pirates pillbox hat, stars and stripes hats, Pirates red, Rockies purple.

NBA- original Grizzlies and Raptors unis.

AS for what everyone seems to love and I don't, pretty much alot of classics that are just plain or hyped just because they're old. Leafs, Canadiens, Packers, Bears, most NBA unis now, and hate the Rays unis most. The permanant throwback trend I loathe. A throwback here and there, but just reverting back for a big "change," is stupid and lacks creativity.

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I like the Rockies black sleeveless jerseys.

I like when teams have different templates/fonts for home and road. (current Blue Jays, previous Ottawa Senators)

I liked the Raptors purple jerseys with black backs.

I liked the Atlanta Hawks jersey with the wings around the jersey, especially the road with the gradient.

I think the Astros have the best uniform history. I wish there were 5 Astros teams and each one wore jerseys from a different era.

I liked the Iverson era Sixers jerseys.

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I really like all of the monochromatic looks, especially the seahawks.

I think the light blue chargers throwbacks are highly overrated.

I have no opinion whatsoever about silver facemasks, which seems to be the least popular opinion of them all.


I think the abbreviated city names work with the NBA jerseys.

I really like the old Denver Nuggets rainbow uniforms


I prefer the uniforms from the pullover era over the current one.

The best Astros uniform is the pullover from 1987-1988, with the rainbow striping toned down and relegated to the shoulder.

I think the Mariners (my favorite team) is in desperate need of a complete overhaul, but everyone seems to think their current look is one of the best in the league.

The notion of home uniform with nickname and road uniform with city is somewhat silly. Anything that homogenizes the look of the league is doing damage.


Asymmetric designs (old Ottawa red home uniform, Atlanta powder blue)

Picasso Coyote uniforms

The Burger King alt

teams with different designs for home and away

Why all the love for the mustard Preds jerseys? The logo was stupid, the color, while somewhat cooler when you can see it in person and see how the layers work together, was still pretty awful.

Quebec, Hartford, and Winnipeg all had pretty bland uniforms, why do I have to keep seeing them?

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Love the Caps...Hate both the original and current logos.

Sorry but the powder blue Chargers jerseys are crap.

Yeah, I prefer the old Caps set. I love that swooping eagle and the blue jersey.

I absolutely concur with the powder blues. I much prefer the Chargers old uniform set. I think it conveys the Charger motif much better. Lightning bolts are supposed to be white.

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The Buffalo Bills current uniforms are awesome and with a tweak or two (eliminating nickel/silver and possibly eliminating the side stripes) they'd be near perfect.

Every single jersey the Toronto Raptors have ever had is awesome.

New England Patriots jerseys posted by Buc, for the win.

More to come when I actually get some sleep...

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I hate the Yankees' unis. Too dull. The Warriors' "The City" unis, just bad design.

Love the Clippers' unis - simple & classy. Any uniform using the tequila sunrise/rainbow guts/ultrastripe template. 80's Nuggets & Bucks unis (my favourites of all-time). The original Hornets logo & unis (which got me into b-ball in the first place). The 76ers' early 90's "starburst" unis, I love those too. Any team wearing powder blue. Subscript NOB.

Any unusual or outlandish uni works for me.

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? I hate gray facemasks ONLY when when it's not a part of a team's color scheme (Raiders, Cowboys, Giants are ok; Colts, Cardinals, Browns are stupid).

? I hate white socks with black shoes/cleats in EVERY sport (football like Penn State and Alabama, basketball like the Heat and the Cavs, and sanitary socks in baseball).

? I hate black shoes when it's not part of a team's color scheme because of the white socks. When I started following the NFL in 2003, most teams had white shoes. Now, most teams do not. This may be why I feel so strongly this. The color just doesn't flow to me.

? Despite tradition, I don't like stirrups and I'm glad they aren't standard in MLB anymore.

? I liked the Pirates red jersey vests

? I am disappointed in what the Colts have done with their unis in recent years; the blue facemasks and white cleats fit their color scheme as it should have.

? As mentioned by another poster, I also liked the Vikings' purple pants but only with the white jerseys.

? I think EVERY NFL team should have collar wordmarks. I like them for furthering a team's identity.

? I also like custom number fonts for the same reason I like collar wordmarks.

? I love teal. It's the color of my childhood.

? I wish Nike was the official outfitter of the NFL. While some of their ideas are questionable, some of their stuff is also really really cool.

? It bothers me when football teams don't have TV numbers, either on the sleeve or the shoulder, one of the cons of the Nike Pro Combat unis.

? Gradients are fun.

? The Arizona Cardinals new uniforms are the best uniforms they've ever had. The piping is not extraneous to me. However, the gray facemasks and black shoes prevent it from being the best uniform in the league.

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