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My Hybrid NBA Logos: When Modern Meets Retro

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I like the Mavs and Wolves logos. I guess I wish at least one (the Wolves if I got to choose) would bring green all the way back.

What I'd really like to see is some green in the existing Wolves alt.

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sorry to threadjack but i thought you might be interested to see these. i made them a while back in a similar concept:



Those are awesome, especially the Jazz one. Nicely done. I might just skip doing those two teams now. ;p

You just pasted a husky head on top of the Velociraptor didn't you?

I wish it were that simply. Basically yes, that's what I did. But there was alot of mixing and matching and editing of vector lines to make sure it meshed together. I also took out the side foot claws, changed the R on the jersey to H, added "Huskies," and took the dino tail away.

A lot of these are great.

On the Thunder logo, how about putting "OKC" above "Thunder"? Also eliminate the Chargers logo.

Yeah that's what I originally did....but then I realized "OKC" is already in the logo. :P And I actually originally put the Chargers bolt on there...but I didn't like it, so I made a custom lighting bolt instead.

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Hey man...we here in MN lost KG and he won a title the NEXT FREAKN year. Can't say I don't feel your pain...so I should get a pass for poking fun. :P

Not really feeling the orange in the Spurs logo. The orange is a bit too bright. Kind of blinds my eyes. Maybe tone it down a bit. Anyway, this is better than the one the Spurs actually used with the "Fiesta colors".

Normally I try to keep the colors the same just for the sake of making it stay true to the original material, but I went ahead and darkened the colors a wee bit. Here are two more versions:

th_Spurs3.jpg th_Spurs2.jpg



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The San Diego Thunder?

And the Huskies concept is... interesting. Overall, though, these are pretty call, although the Timberwolves "hidden tree" is too forced.

Yeah...I've received complaints about it on another board. I don't know...it's just so awkward. Looks too naked without it, and looks too distinct when solid blue (like the rest of the logo). So I thought maybe making it a light shade of grey would be the best route. Here's what it used to look like.


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