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What would you like to see in MLB for 2011 season?


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How about a button-up version of this for the Braves road alternate:


These looked great. I remember watching that game earlier this season. It was a Throwback game against the Padres. I thought both teams looked fantastic.

It seems like the Braves are a team that looks great no matter what they do. I think I might rather see these as an alternate (with some changes) than their red jerseys.

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I see no reason why the Braves should ever wear anything but the home and away uniforms of the 14-time division champions. Even that cool '48 Boston Braves throwback from 2008 was more or less that same design. Everything the Braves wore between Milwaukee and 1987 should be left to history. Lot of bad baseball in bad clothing there.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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