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NHL: Defunct Franchise Redesigns


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#12: Montreal Wanderers

Montreal, QC // Folded 1918


The Wanderers almost didn't make it in, as they only played a few NHL games after the formation of the league before being forced to fold. The old Wanderers were known for their distinctive shield-shaped logo and the thick chest stripe across the sweater (they were even nicknamed the Redbands). I've tried to base the update off of those elements, though the colors have evolved: red has given way to burgundy, charcoal, and orange. I struggled for a while to come up with a visual representation for "Wanderers." I almost went with a planetary theme, even sketching out sets of logos that I was quite fond of, but in the end I decided I liked the idea of a wolf look. I was thinking of wolf packs wandering the countryside, terrorizing and such... but the multiple-wolf logo was far too busy, so I settled on a single wolf head, set inside the old shield.

Anti-pipers, look away! The primary uniforms borrow the thick chest striping and extends it to the sleeves and socks, but it is truncated by flowing orange piping. The shoulder logo is a partial look at the running wolf, encircled by the team name.

The alternate is all charcoal and has a slightly more traditional look, with angular striping throughout. The running wolf logo is the crest, and the shoulder patch is an updated version of the old W-shield logo.





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I like this alot, but I would almost drop the orange completely, especially in the primary crest. It kind of 'detatches' itself from the shield instead of being all one logo. The eye is bothering me a bit as well, it just doesn't give off much character.

I love the secondary crest though, almost like the Phoenix Coyotes. The wordmark suits the style and name with the wavy look, I like it. Solid work again.

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What a terrific topic...!!! I love all the designs... excellent job, dgnmrwrw.

Hey, I'm fan of the uchronias; reading your topic it seems like an alternative NHL history was floating around...


It's great to be young and a Giant! - Larry Doyle

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Fantastic rendering on the primary logo, but I just have a couple of suggestions:

-The thin orange outline on everything is pretty unnecessary IMO. It just seems a little out of place and jumbles everything up, getting rid of the cohesion between the wolf and the shield behind it.

-As others have stated, the eye would probably look a lot better without the demonic red fill. Adding a pupil there would probably work a lot better.


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I like this one a lot, but I agree the red eye is kind of different.

Maybe it was because I was scoring WFL games, but for some reason I first thought Soccer team when I saw that name :hockeysmiley:

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As with just about every concept in this series, Oakland Seals and Colorado Rockies are a few exceptions, love the logos and colour scheme, hate the jerseys.

Why do the chest and sleeve stripes end for no other reason then to accommodate the outlandish piping patterns that do nothing to enhance the sweater? Looks like you're trying to be futuristic just for the sake of being futuristic. Eliminate the piping, complete the stripes and you've got a near perfect design.

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I like the red eye on the wolf -- if Buffalo can do it, so can you! And I don't know if it was intentional or not, but I like the hidden "M" in the primary crest and the hidden "W" in the alternate crest. Top notch work, just like the rest of this collection. Sure hope the see the Portland Rosebuds show up in this series! ;-)


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I have to ask: Did you, by chance, choose orange and charcoal as a reference to the fire that burned down the Wanderers' arena and forced the team out of existence? :wink2:


There comes a point when you don't stand for the constant heartbreak anymore, and walk away.

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