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I'm not a designer, but rather a video editor. I've worked with Fox Sports Houston for almost ten years as an editor (avid) and producer/writer. Currently, being baseball season, I work on a handful of weekly Astros shows and have also spent the past two weeks on a show that looks back at the 1980 Astros, who won the NL West and were just a few outs away from going to the World Series.

What caught my attention this past week (while shuttling through hours of 3/4" reels) is how nice the orange and blue looked on the Astros. It's almost been 20 years since they abandoned this color scheme and I think it's time to go back. Fans had signs at the playoff games that said "orange power", "orange you glad to be an Astros fan", etc.. and most fans wore orange. I think this identity is the Astros.

This photo shows Nolan Ryan in the classic tequila sunrise uni's. While it looks great in some form of nostalgic way, the tequila sunrise just would not work on a modern uniform. At least for me it wouldn't. What I do love about this set, though, was the hats and pants striping. That is the look I wanted to keep for this set.


I've created most of the concept, sans a primary logo. This was done in paint, but I did my best to make this concept look as sharp as possible using that program. I'm not sure what a primary logo would look like for this concept, but I have a few ideas that I will play with later in the week. The "H-star" logo has been modified and I created the wordmark and number font based on the H. I opted for a navy blue alt versus an orange one, because I have always been a fan of the mid 80's navy blue BP jerseys the Astros used to wear. I matched hats with socks on each set. The alternate jersey can be worn with gray pants on the road.

anywho................. here it goes!


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The color scheme is very nice on the homes, but the roads are boring. Navy caps, navy letters, navy numbers, navy socks? I thought you wanted orange power? They look like Detroit.

The font also is hard to read, and kinda looks like something a computer from 1982 might have generated.

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