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Top 10 Favorite Sports Logos


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Top 10:

1. Flint Spirits (1985-89 IHL)

2. Detroit Red Wings

3. Flint Generals (1969-85 IHL, 1999-2010 CoUIHL)

4. Detroit Falcons (1992-96 CoHL)

5. Saginaw Gears (1972-83 IHL)

6. Michigan Panthers

7. St. Louis Blues

8. Toronto Maple Leafs (the one on the third jerseys)

9. Pittsburgh Steelers

10. Port Huron Flags

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  1. Bubbles (Lions silhouette)
  2. Prowling Jaguar (formerly on Jacksonville sleeve)
  3. Bubbles (Lions silhouette)
  4. Orioles cap logo (early1990s)
  5. Devils (Christmas colors)
  6. Wild
  7. Original/current Islanders
  8. Current Maple Leafs
  9. Original Heat
  10. Original T-Wolves

Obviously I prefer full body animals to animal heads, as well as minimal detail/realism.

and, 5 college

  1. Motion W
  2. Hawkeye silhouette
  3. Texas silhouette
  4. West Virginia
  5. Oklahoma (interlocking OU)

Guess I am boring

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The NHL colorado rockies, the whalers, and the blues didn't make the cut due to the limit if 10. Clearly, the NHL has been the best of the best in this department. Anyone who disagrees with me, I challenge you to a fist fight!

I always liked this version of the Blues:


And there's something about these two I always liked as well:


Plus how AWESOME does the Barons logo look coupled with this mask???


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