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All-City Logos


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I love these, you guys are really talented. These are some of the coolest concepts I have seen on these boards. I've always messed around just copying and pasting in paint, but nothing like what I've seen here.

Not sure if requests are ok or not. But if anyone has some free time or wouldn't mind I'd love a Giants, Islanders, Yankees one. As well as a NY one with the Giants, Jets, Islanders, Yankees, and Mets. No Knicks or Red Bulls.

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Decided to try this myself and did one for Jacksonville. Took me a while and after some playing around with it, this is the final result. Pretty good if you ask me...


Or took me a while to find all the teams on operated in it I like it a lot very subtle

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I'm too lazy to get in on this but my idea for St. Louis.

Cardinal sitting on a Trumpet (the Blues old shoudler logo) and the Rams horn inside the horn. Piece of cake!

Or Cardinal with the back of the blues logo as its wings, sitting on a hockey stick. Wearing a rams helmet.

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