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WHEN Nike Takes Over the NFL...


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Saints jersey logo placement is still an issue IMO, and the other thing I failed to mention last time is that this concept uses their current 'beige' gold instead of the original 'brass' gold.

The jersey logos would work better on the shoulders (where TV numbers usually go), turned so the top points toward the collar and the bottom points towards the sleeve numbers?

Once again, it's supposed to be the same concept as this, which Nike used on the 2009 Pro Combats.


You have to remember, this whole concept is about what Nike might do with the NFL, not simply my personal preferences. If this were just a general concept, the shoulder logos probably wouldn't be there, but this is what Nike might do.

And lightning25, let me repeat my previous statement that neither NFL nor college teams have alternates with different designs, so that's not going to happen. Now if you would actually like to give some constructive criticism or suggestions, that would be much appreciated.

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Sorry mbannon92, didn't see your comment. I got a little paranoid and thought you hadn't payed any attention to it.

Also, I suggest would suggest putting an outline on the numbers on the Saints home uni, kinda like the away.

Yeah, I thought the same thing on the outline...I'll try it out and see what I think.

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So I added white outlines to the Saints' home jerseys, and I got rid of the Panthers' teal alt because I just couldn't get it look good while keeping the striping consistent.

Up now is the AFC South.

Colts: Home Road

Jaguars: Home Road Home Alt

Texans: Home Road Home Alt Home Alt 2 Road Alt

Titans: Home Road Home Alt Road Alt

Colts: Nothing at all to say here, it's the Colts.

Jaguars: Here is my most radical concept BY FAR in this series. The helmet is the same two-tone thing they have going on how, and the jerseys, yes, I went there - GRADIENTS! I thought about trying to use jaguar print somehow, but it seems like the team is trying to shy away from the whole jaguar identity in their jerseys (with complete lack of gold), so I ran with it. I also used a new, techy looking font, mainly because I couldn't find their current font :)

Texans: I tried to incorporate the logo into the jerseys, so one sleeve is blue with the star in the logo, and the other sleeve is red. I mirrored the same technique on the pants, and included a sublimated wordmark. I'm not to sure if I like these, so I'm anxious to see what everyone thinks.

Titans: Yes, these were inspired by Va Tech's Pro Combats this year. I used a similar chest design, and I added red trim on the helmet, jerseys, and pants, since it's a prominent color in their logo. I also eliminated all navy jerseys and pants, mainly to keep the striping all navy.

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The Jaguars is actually really good. But you definitly need to change that number font, it doesn't look good at all. And maybe add a pair of white pants.

Does anyone know where to download the Jags new font...in the NFL package font thing it has their old font. Like I said, I would have used their current font and wordmark if I could find it.

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Colts - Simple and clean... as expected. Good job.

Jaguars - I think you can do without the gradient. I think you had a really nice look going, but the gradient was just too distracting.

Texans - loving it. I had the same idea for a concept as well. The only thing I would change is keep the red spot on the shirt on the same side as the red spot on the pants. The star on the shirt on the same side as the star on the pants. I think it would bring the look together.

Titans - They are nice, nothing too exciting. I think you would almost be better off NOT swooping the pattern up the front of the jersey and up the pants. Instead just leaving it a thick line over a thinner line. It might be a sharp, simple, clean look.



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Jags is cool. idk how that gradiant would look on field number font sucks tho. i hate the jags whole concept so idk what to do there...

colts. simple. yea

titans: like the addition of primarily powder. maybe a powder on red pants?

texans: cool idea but idk it working on the field.

my least favorite division by you yet... but you have had some relaly good concepts before so keep it up!

concepts: washington football (2017) ... nfl (2013) ... yikes

potd 10/20/12
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I'm not sure how I feel about the gradient for the Jags, but I love that you brought gold back into it.

I'm pretty sure that it will throw off the asymmetry on the Texans, but Houston needs their battle red!

As for the Titans, I don't think they could wear anything that makes me hate them any less, but I like the cleaner, simpler look to this compared to what they wear now

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If the Texans uniform looked like that, they would not be able to sell any. They have best uniform in the league and I don't expect Nike to make many changes to them.

I hope you're exaggerating, cause no matter what Nike's jerseys look like in 2012, people will buy them. And I have to respectfully disagree on the Texans having the best unis in the league...the puny shoulder stripes don't really do it for me ^_^

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That Texans one is awesome!

Nice work, I love the sleeves, very cool.

Edit: And all this stuff about Nike ruining this or that, same situation with Reebok and hockey. Lots of complaints and people hated it. But people still bought it and it didn't change much.

I also did some research and found Nike is American based still, which is awesome to me. Reebok and Adidias are both German owned. So I'm happy to support an American company.


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