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Penn State Pro Combat?


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scroll down to Penn State on post #1. WVGuinn made the concept.

Welp, another phony stealing a CCSLers work. First Davidson, (then someone else I don't recall), and now this? :mad:

EDIT: Oh yeah, I think this would be appropriate here.

EDIT #2: So, yes Davidson, it was using your template.

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Joe Paterno must be rolling over in his grave.


They're probably planning SOMETHING for when he retires, possibly after this year, maybe one more year.

He's been the main reason they've kept their generic, but "classic" look with no "unnecessary" adornment whatsoever. They could even throw the lion logo on the helmet.

Not surprising that The Patriot News would steal...it's a HORRIBLE paper (yes, live close to Harrisburg).

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the NFL are not going to be Nike's bitch.

This comment made me laugh so hard :lol:

Well, true, the NFL doesn't really have that much to do with the identities themselves, but they have a very strong set of standards when it comes to how they are applied. If Nike is able to push a crappy progressive identity on some team (like they did to the Broncos), that's on the team, not the NFL. But, they are very strict about upholding the standards that are set forth, so don't expect New Era to come out with team logo hats in every color of the rainbow like they did for MLB, and don't expect Nike to be able to break the rules any more than Reebok was able to (blame the extra money that Nike ponied up if they are able to go hogwild).

Why is everyone so excited about New Era being the headwear supplier anyway? Their quality control, fit and the consistency of their product is among the worst I've ever seen. They're not that large a company, either. Supplying the market in a timely manner could be an issue as well.

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