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Color Changes....


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Just replace the 'Oklahoma City' with 'Houston' and 'Barons' with 'Oilers', and.....

So, this time you didn't even recolor anything. You just posted a logo with what you think it should be. Nice job.

Actually, I did....



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The Rockets image is by far the best recolor you've done. Nice work.

Thanx. Nothin' photoshop can't do.

And while I appreciate the Rockets comp, I really REALLY like the Mavs logo. I'm not even a fan of the team, and I hope they go back to using green again.

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Next, the Rockets' home and aways in their championship Red and Golds (very subtle)



Love this Rockets set, wouldn't mind seeing this instead of the current home/road. I know some like the current set's clean look but I love the gold from they had until... 97? The red/gray home doesn't do a lot for me, unique as it is.

Also, man, the classic Sabres logo loses a lot in red/black/grey. Finally, am I the only person who likes the early late 90's Sabres logo, the one he recolored in navy and blue? I always thought that logo was damn intimidating, despite the fact the the buffalo's been decapitated. Somehow, his floating head makes him seem angrier.

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I re-colored the eagles logo red, white and blue. Being an eagles fan I've always wondered why they were green, and not something with more revelence.

(note: i did it in paint really quick so its not perfect most likely

(What I meant to post here, instead....)

When you think of Philly, you think of the earliest days of this country's establishment. You think AMERICA.

So the red, white, blue combo for the Eagles really works.

thanks yea my thought exactly

The Eagles colors were established as kelly green and silver because there is a U.S. mint in Philadelphia. Hence the color of money. Other Eagles fans on here can shed more light as I believe there is more to the story that I am forgetting.

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Rays of Sunshine..... or other stuff.

Since the Tampa Bay Rays are technically the youngest franchise in the MLB (just re-established their identity), I figure, why not play around with color combos. See what fits.....


Combos featured here:


Green/Gold/Royal Blue (sort of their original combo)

Colombia Blue/Faded Orange

Grapefruit Red/Maroon/Old Gold


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