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New Iowa State Logos


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Maybe it's just me, but didn't Iowa State go through all this song and dance about their new identity getting away from the old bird/cyclone just two years ago? First they don't come through with the gold helmet as promised... now the bird/cyclone (albeit a different one) is back?

I like the new logos, I like the double-red, and I like the way they incorporated a cyclone this time, but as I stated in another thread recently: Aren't there enough Cardinal heads in profile on helmets already. No need for another one, even if they do buck the trend and put it on a non-white helmet and draw a circle around it. It'd still be yet another Cardinal head on a helmet -- for a team named the Cyclones. Thought that was one of the issues that brought on this I-State era.

It was a white helmet which they touted to wear.

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Iowa State has usually had good logos. I like all of these but I don't understand why they continue to cycle through new looks.

It's a cry for attention. :P

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My favorite look was still the early 90's look with "Iowa State" above a cyclone on the helmet. The Blaise Bryant years.

Those were the 80s :) And I believe Blaise had "Cyclones" script with only one underline underneath it, not the cyclone. But I digress - both of those 80's yellow helmets are two of my favorites as well.

You are correct, now that I thin about it. I'm just shocked someone actually knows who Blaise Bryant is! *lol*

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