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Las Vegas NHL Concept


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"I do like the color scheme. That light, electric blue paired with black is sharp and if I'm not mistaken is unique in the NHL, correct? I also like the idea of simplifying the shape of Nevada and making it a quasi-playing card. That's smart.

Beyond those two things, I just don't see the rest of the set stacking up against extant NHL logos. The biggest thing that bothers me is the shape of the primary spade. It's just shaped awkwardly. This is compounded by the fact that you used a completely different spade (one that's shaped more like what I would think of when I think of a spade) for the playing card/state logo. If I were to see the primary by itself, I could pick out that it was a spade, an A, and there was a hockey stick in the middle. I would still think it was a bit awkwardly shaped, like it had been quickly hand-drawn, but whatever. Paired with the secondary logo though, it becomes glaring. If you're set on using that specific shape, then I'd suggest replacing the spade in the secondary with one that was the same shape as the primary.

Are all the strokes necessary? Three on the primary, and four (or maybe five? I can't tell if silver is involved there) on the secondary.

The wordmark(s) is a bit of a yawn. "Aces" looks like it's in Mountain Dew's old typeface and "Las Vegas" is in that Deftone Stylus font which is fairly common on the internet if not overused. I do like the drop-shadow treatment you gave "Las Vegas" though as it's simple, yet still uses two colors (again unless silver is involved and I can't see it, in which case it's too much).

I like your overall ideas here with the exception of the primary. (All the symbolism in here just makes it look forced). I'd make the spade and sticks from the secondary logo the primary. If you want an A in there, just put an A in the middle of the middle of the spade. Use a typeface that would be seen on an actual playing card too:


Come to it, you could use something like the above for your wordmarks and uniform numbers too.

And when it comes to uniforms, I agree with Ryan Lion in going with something simple, classy and perhaps retro. What do you think of when you think of a playing card? Essentially a clean, simple design that is fairly ubiquitous.

To reiterate, I like the overall idea here and some of the specific nuts and bolts are solid. After some overhauling, this whole set can be excellent. Keep working at it :)"

After reading this I do think I have a further suggestion. I liked what you went for on the primary, but looking at it again it does feel like a minor league logo - something where they tried really hard.

I wonder if you could take the spade with the crossed sticks in the secondary and make that the primary. Its simpler and gets the point across. The secondary can remain the same with all the great pieces - the card/Nevada, the new main logo, the word mark A for Aces up top and the stylized star that locates Vegas and borrows from the Citys logo.

I do love this color set. It stands out. One of the thinks I'm thinking is to borrow from the current Panthers set. It has some modern lines mixed with retro striping, especially on the sleeves. Just leave out the superfluous strings they have on fron. Use that new primary logo idea and put the secondary on the shoulder.

And I LOVE the idea of using playing card font for the numbers and name lettering.

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The idea is great. I'd vote for the secondary logo as the primary. The play card looks awesome to me!

The blade of the stick still seems not so hockey like, more like an axe. Try to make the blade longer, like in the 2ndary.

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Nice concept, but the NHL would be insanely retarded to move the Coyotes to Vegas. Potential? Only on messageboards. The NHL knows they would make more money and it would be in the league's best interest and for long term health to bring Canadian teams from 6 to 9. Tampa has Stamkos yet they still have a hard time making money - compare that to Crosby, the moment he came to the Pens, massive attendance boom. Florida? Yikes, Panthers? Still can't draw a consistent respectable crowd, Atlanta? Lol...etc. The only reason hockey didn't last in Winnipeg and Quebec City is because there was no cap. With the Cap, these "southern" markets are an official fail. Tampa won a Stanley Cup and they still can't keep that place at 90% capacity.

Not sure about the colour choice, how does black and baby blue relate to that area?

Quebec City, Winnipeg and Toronto would be in the running asap and they would dish out the money and have the numbers to support an NHL team because of minor hockey in the same cities as well as grass roots hockey.

I'm thinking by now, Gary has learned that Coyotes, Panthers, Predators and Thrashers were horrible mistakes. Revenue wise...epic failure. Which sucks for the die hard fans, truly does. A team in Vegas would be a terrible idea, it's more of a tourist place and to have a hockey team there, the people there would have to show interest first, you can't just put it there because it's a "neato idear!!" Does Nevada have a grassroots hockey program? AHL team? ECHL team? anything to support the notion that a team should be there? It'd be a worse idea then the relocation from Winnipeg to Phoenix.

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Ok just gonna say this real quick I don't see how I'm ripping off the Canucks logo, people really need to stop having hard-ons for that logo since any logo with a hockey stick laying and facing a certain way is going to be unfairly compared to it. And as for the colors those are just the colors I choose because I like the way they look( trying to evoke a neon/electric feel) color choices should be pleasing to the eye and dont always have to be a history lesson. And I didnt steal my color scheme & jersey design from the Milwaukee Admirals you trolls.

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